Prince George's County E-Government Applications

Department of Environmental Resources E-Permits Online

The E-Permits Online system allows you to retrieve the current status of you permit application ' from the Department of Environmental Services database. By searching on either your permit number or property address of the project, you can retrieve the permit status, associated reviews and their status, as well as additional comments concerning your application.

County Council Legislative Information System

The Legislative Information System provides convenient and searchable access to bills and resolutions considered by the Prince George's County Council and the enacted County Code. A current edition of the County Code is enacted as positive law every four years and is supplemented at the end of each legislative year. Every effort has been  made to accurately incorporate amendments to the County Code, as those amendments become effective, between the publications of the annual supplements. Users are advised that printed editions of the County Code and printed supplements are the presumed correct version of the County Code and interim amendments are subject to editorial correction.

Department of Public Works and Transportation Snow Removal Request ForM

The Prince George's County Government wants to keep our roads clear of snow. Help use clear the snow and keep traffic moving by directing us to the streets where snow needs to be removed.

Special event notification form

Prince George's County special events goal to assist event organizers in planning safe and successful events that create a minimal impact on the communities surrounding the events

E Permit online status retrieval

The goal of E Permits Online Status Retrieval is to let citizens check the status of their permits. They can search them by name, case number, address, schedule, or history of the permit issued. This is a public service.

Calendar events

The goal of callendar events is to organize multiple events throughout the county's agencies and have them flow without problem. The other goal is to have a master calendar that shows all the events of every agency in the county.

Automated recordation transfer system

The purpose of Automated Recredation Transfer System is to provide irrevocable clearing and settlement of financial transactions between Banks and Prince Georges County efficiently and reliably.

Election Results

The mission of the Prince George's County Board of Elections is to promote voter education, to administer an efficient voting process, to maintain an accurate voter registration database, and to ensure that elected officials are elected in accordance with Federal, State, and County election laws.

Impounded Vehicle Tracking System

The purpose of Impound Vehicle Tracking System is to monitor the county's impounded vehicles so that the County can attempt to provide a description of how it handles abandoned vehicles and their location.